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Introducing The New Translator and Editor for Stealing the Heaven

Hey guys! I'm StackThatCoins, the new TL of Stealing the Heavens.

I’ve been reading CN novels for more than 7-8 years. The first novel I read was IET’s Coiling Dragon - 盘龙. Since then, I have read hundreds of them. Along the path of this journey of reading, I discovered good novels, average novels, and, of course, the ones that are so bad that you can’t even finish the first chapter.

What does this mean? It means, I know a good novel when I come across it. Stealing the Heavens is one of the best novels I’ve read to date. The author, Xue Hong, was also the author for The Magus Era, which you can also read here on XianXiaWorld. If you are the reader of TME, you’ll love StH as well!

Yo! ‘Dis is ‘da editor, EliteCreature. I’m ‘dat thug ‘dat does edit’n.

On a more serious note, I am one of the oldest editors here on XianXiaWorld.net. I joined back in February and my first project was re-editing and cleaning up The Portal of Wonderland, my other main project here on XXW. I also helped other editors get started with their novels, such as DSI and WDDG. I even did a (tiny) little bit on GoS.

We will publish 5 regular chapters every week, so, if you enjoy reading StH and can’t wait to read more, a little donation always help speed things up :p [^ Shameless self-promotion]

We hope that you will enjoy this novel as much as we do. May the next few years be fruitful and fun!