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Functional introduction of xianxiaworld’s website

Hi everyone, I assume that some of you do not yet know about the following functions of our website, therefore, I am going to give you a brief introduction.

1. Bookshelf and Bookmarks: If you want your own Bookshelf, you need to register an account on xianxiaworld. Your bookshelf will allow you to collect your favorite books. You can also leave a bookmark in a chapter, so that you may continue reading at a later time. With bookmarks and the bookshelf, when you log back in, you can clearly see which book you have read, which book you have collected, and which chapter you were at for each book.

2. Font size, font color, font style and background are all allowed to be changed according to your preferance. We have many options available for you. You can freely choose a darker background, or a brighter background, darker font color or brighter font color. The options can be found in the upper right corner of each chapter. (check the picture)

3. When you read a chapter, you don't need to click the mouse for the next chapter, instead, you can just use the keyboard arrow keys to control your current reading page. You only need to click the left arrow key for the previous chapter, or the right arrow key for the next chapter. Finally, if you wish to read the chapter without the constant need of moving your mouse, then all you have to do is double-click on the chapter. After that the page will automatically slowly scroll down, allowing you to read the chapter without having to use your mouse to scroll down. This can be easily stopped by another click of your mouse.