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Chapter 200 - Level 7 Demonic Beast, Horned Dragon Serpent

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Chapter 200 - Level 7 Demonic Beast, Horned Dragon Serpent

The martial artist who had been guarding outside the South Gate was a medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist. Before Ye Chen came, he was the most powerful one among his peers in the entire Yellow Mountain Town; but his opponent was a level 6 demonic beast, Four-legged Flamingo, which was as powerful as late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists. He had already used all of his martial skills but still couldn’t defeat the flamingo. On the contrary, he was injured by the flamingo on his arm.

Seeing Ye Chen easily killed the flamingo with a single sword move, he popped his eyes out in shock.

“You go deal with the other beasts, I’ll go check the other two sides!” Swiftly leaping into the air, Ye Chen flew across the town and came outside the East Gate.

The situation here was bad, two level 6 demonic beasts were messing around in here while only two Clasping Yuan Realm had been fighting against them. One of them was in the medium Clasping Yuan Realm while the other, in early Clasping Yuan Realm. At this moment, the early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist was about to perish under the beast’s claw.


A streak of lightning-like blue sword light broke through the demonic beast’s defensive Qi and struck fiercely on its chest; after which, another sword light bursted out and suddenly smashed against the demonic beast’s body.

Blood splashed everywhere. This level 7 beast, which was even more powerful than the flamingo, was sent flying backwards with a huge hole appearing on its chest.

“You, go deal with your wounds!”

Said Ye Chen to the middle-aged martial artist, who was wounded pretty badly.

“Thank you!”

Similar to the martial artist at the southern gate, this middle-aged man was also deeply shocked by Ye Chen. However, he couldn’t afford to waste any more time at this moment; therefore, he hurriedly stepped back and swallowed a pill, sat down and crossed his legs, then began recuperating. He needed to regain as much power as possible, before the next wave of demonic beasts arrives.

“Oi! Young man, you’re very powerful!” The other martial artist who was still fighting against those demonic beasts was a beautiful woman around thirty to forty years old. She was holding a crescent-shaped blade and fought evenly against those beasts. Additionally, she would occasionally launch fierce moves and leave some bleeding slashes on those beasts’ bodies from time to time.

“More beasts will show up anytime! Do you mind if I lend you a hand?” Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists were usually quite confident of their own power. Therefore, if Ye Chen joined the fight without asking, the woman might feel offended. After all, she had already suppressed the two demonic beasts.

“Not at all! I was hoping that you would!” Said the woman while giving a sweet smile. She didn’t seem to mind Ye Chen joining the fight at all.


The ground was shattered instantly as Ye Chen violently rushed towards a level 6 demonic beast, Double Headed Wolf King, which was fighting against the beautiful woman.


An extremely strong streak of light beamed out from one of the Double Headed Wolf King’s heads. Everywhere it flashed across, the ground rumbled and cracked, sending countless pieces of rocks into the air.


While flying in the air, Ye Chen swung his sword sideways.

The beam was slashed from the middle, while thick sword Qi streams hacked against the double-headed wolf’s defensive Qi.

“Hm? This wolf is quite impressive.”

The blue sword Qi was blocked by the wolf’s defensive Qi and failed to break it. Only until now Ye Chen realised that the beautiful woman was actually very powerful. She might be even more powerful than that martial artist Ye Chen met outside the South Gate as before he came, she had been suppressing this double-headed wolf merely by herself.

“This is not an ordinary Double Headed Wolf King!” Said the woman, “It’s mutated! It’s Qi is especially pure that even my Arc Shine Machete can’t break it with a single move! So I have to launch a stronger move! Hm, just like this!”

In the woman’s eyes, that beam of blue Sword Qi hadn’t dissipated right away. Instead, it turned into a heavy stream of sword power, lingering around the wolf and ceaselessly slashing its defensive Qi. Within two blinks of an eye, one of the wolf’s heads was chopped off by the sword qi, and blood spurted out for over ten meters.

“[Arc Shine Hack]!”

Once after the wolf’s defensive Qi had been broken, the woman directly launched three blade moves in a row and afterwards put the wolf to death.

“Interesting! Young man, will you consider joining our Moon Reaching Pavilion? Don’t worry, we’re not a martial school, just an organisation, so you don’t have to quit your school if you want to join us.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested in that for now.” Responded Ye Chen.

“Hehe, you might, someday.” The woman smiled in a strange way.

After taking out the wolf, Ye Chen headed the northern side to help. In fact, he didn’t need to do that as not even a single level 6 demonic beast showed up there.

After killing the first wave of demonic beasts, no one dared to sleep. They only sat outside the town and chatted while drinking wine. As for collecting the corpses of their fellow men, they couldn’t do that even if they wanted to. After all, under the attacks of multiple demonic beasts, not even a single, complete body would be left. Only dismembered body parts and meat paste covered the ground.

In the middle of the night.

The second wave of demonic beast attacked.

This time, those beasts were even fiercer than the first batch. The number of level 6 beasts had reached over ten, distributed in all four directions, while the number of level 5 beasts reached hundreds. As for lower level beasts, they were countless, and they charged in huge crowds.

After two hours, the second wave of demonic beasts was finally exterminated.

The number of the Yellow Mountain Town’s martial artists had already been reduced to around three hundred from seven to eight hundred. Which meant, more than half of those martial artists were killed by those demonic beasts. Many of those ordinary people who lived in town didn’t manage to survive either. More than half of thousands of them had died, all who survived were either hiding in cellars or had been saved by Ye Chen and the other martial artists.

Apart from those lower grade martial artists and ordinary people, the number of Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists were reduced as well. One Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist was killed while another three were wounded. Among those wounded people, one man had his arm bitten off by a demonic beast.

“We will lose the town if another wave of demonic beasts attacks.” Said Tian Hao in a depressed tone. His body was now covered in blood.

“The sun is rising, we have to hurry. Take everybody to the Iron City.” Said Ye Chen, his outfit was tattered but he was clearly unharmed.

“This is our last chance.”

After a quarter of an hour.

Over a thousand people left the devastated Yellow Mountain Town and walked towards the sun. The faces of everyone were deadly pale. Without a doubt, the demonic beasts’ attacks that happened last night had exhausted them and nearly had them despair. Fortunately, you could still see hope in their eyes.

Behind the troop.

Tian Hao wore a clean cloth, gave a bitter smile and said, “I’ve killed more demonic beasts last night, compared to the sum of all I have killed during the past few years. Why did so many beasts show up all at once last night?”

The beautiful woman responded, “Demonic beasts have strong sense of territories. But at least hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts are living in this mountain area which was over a thousand miles in radius. What we have suffered last night was only a small-scale demonic attack.”

“Indeed, we can only hope that no level 7 demonic beast would show up.”

Ye Chen’s face looked very serious. A few of them could still deal with top-ranked level 6 beasts such as the Lunar Wind Wolf by joining hand in hand. But once a level 7 beast showed up, even group attacks wouldn’t work. Either the city wall could stop those fierce beasts, or only the appearance of Astral Reaching Realm martial artists, who were at the same level as those level 7 demonic beasts, could possibly save them.

Tian Hao raised his head and gazed at the front, said, “We’re still over two-hundred miles away from the Iron City, gotta move quicker.”

At the same time and in different places.

Numerous people had been gathering towards the Iron City from all directions.

In the Iron City.

In the City Lord’s house.

“Lord, our Iron City is already crowded in every corner, but in the next few days, more people will continuously come. This will be a huge burden to us.” An elderly man, who was wearing a luxurious outfit, reported to the lord.

The City Lord, a middle-aged man, responded, “Ordinary people can stay on the ground and all martial artists can go to the roofs, thus we will have more spaces. This isn’t the time to worry about people stuffing the city. The more people the better, I want them all to gather in our Iron City.”

“Dear Lord, you are so clever.” The elderly man flattered.

“I asked you to find out exactly how many Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists are now in the Iron City, have you gotten the result yet?” Asked the City Lord.

“I have. Although this Iron City is a small-scale city, but the number of Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists who are now in this city is over two hundred and forty, and this number is still increasing. Many of them came from big institutions.”

“Hm, despite the dangers of demonic beast waves, those martial artists can certainly gain some genuine battle experiences by fighting against those beasts. I assume the elders of those big institutions have planned to send their disciples to deal with those beasts in order to temper them. Ah, is there any Astral Reaching Realm martial artist?”

“None, as of currently.”

The Lord furrowes his brows and murmured, “Then there will be tremendous trouble. We haven’t yet found out whether this is a small-scale demonic beast wave or a mid-scale one. If any level 7 beast shows up, we would certainly lose our Iron City. Hopefully, that won’t happen.”

“I don’t think any level 7 demonic beast will show up. Normally, level 7 demonic beasts only live in mid-scale or large-scale mountain ranges or jungles, and a mid-scale mountain ranges or jungle only have one or two level-7 beasts. There’s no mid-scale or large-scale mountain ranges or jungles within ten thousand miles in radius around our Iron City. The Wasteland Mountain Range, which is the biggest mountain range, is only a small-scale one and only has a radius of thousands of miles.”

“I hope you’re right.”


Keeping the movement at the highest speed for an entire 24 hours, the people of the Yellow Mountain Town were all exhausted. Some of them, who were injured before they left the town, were exhausted to death; while more people died from demonic beasts attacks during the journey.

“Our troop is becoming smaller and smaller, only god knows how many people can make it to the Iron City.” Ye Chen glanced at the troop of people, then sighed and said. By now, the number of survivors had already been reduced to below one thousand, which was the total population of three villages. Ye Chen then saw the woodcutter among the crowd, who wasn’t too far away from him. Ye Chen then smiled, and thought, ‘He’s a lucky one, that he even survived from such a severe situation. Surprisingly, he has broken through the ninth level of the Mortal Realm from the eighth level. After this demonic beast wave, he might break through the Condensing Reality Realm.

Tian Hao gave Ye Chen a glance in admiration and said, “You’ve already killed five to six thousand beasts all by yourself, while I have killed only around two thousand.”

Every time demonic beasts attacked the troop, Ye Chen would immediately rush into the crowd of people, killing those level-6 beasts; and every single time, he remained unharmed. Tian Hao and the others couldn’t help but admire Ye Chen for his strength and bravery. They had indeed met other powerful martial artists who were as powerful as Ye Chen or even more powerful than him, but none of them could kill so many demonic beasts as easily as he did.

“Young brother, join our Moon Reaching Pavilion. We’ll offer you more resources to improve your cultivation.” The beautiful woman still hadn’t given up on recruiting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gave a bitter smile and responded, “I’m not interested in that at the moment.”

“You should seriously consider it. You won’t lose anything anyway, and you can quit anytime if you don’t like us.”

The woman was quite confident about the Moon Reaching Pavilion. She believed that once Ye Chen joined them, he would never want to quit. The only problem was that Ye Chen didn’t want to join the Moon Reaching Pavilion at all.

After another half a day.

A city, that was ten miles in radius, appeared in people’s sights.

“Here is the Iron City! We’re here! Finally!”

“Let’s get in! We will be safe in the city!”

All survivors cherished their own lives even more than before. Therefore, they all leapt up and rushed towards the city excitedly. They didn’t even look like exhausted people at all.

The beautiful woman flew up into the air, then shouted out in a resonant voice.

“Open the gate!”

Before the woman let out a second shout, the thick and heavy gate slowly opened, with lines of warriors standing on both sides of the gate. A commander yelled at a resonant voice, “All of you get in! Hurry!”

After getting in the Iron City, everyone gave a long sigh in relief. Some of them even fainted from exhaustion.

“So many people.” Looking at this Iron City which was already crowded, Ye Chen was shocked.

“Looks like all the survivors who lived in nearby cities and towns have all come here,” said Tian Hao, “The final battle against demonic beasts is coming. Hopefully, we can win.”

“That won’t be a problem if no level 7 demonic beast joins the fight.” Said another Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist.


A thunderous beast roar resounded throughout.

At the exact same moment when Ye Chen and the others rushed into the city gate, a terrifying massive horde of fierce beasts rushed across the Yellow Mountain Town, moving towards the Iron City. This scene looked like the end of the world.

Within those beasts, the number of level 5 beasts was countless. Level 6 beasts numbered in hundreds, and much more terrifying, an extra enormous silhouette followed behind the demonic beast horde. Wherever it passed, mountains would be shattered and the ground would rumble, as if a small-scale earthquake was being made around that silhouette all the time.

It was a thousands of meters long serpent, and had two long, thick horns on its head. Its entire body was covered in cyan-yellow scales which were as big as bowls. With a mere careless swing of its tail, the serpent could’ve cracked the ground and smashed rocks; and from its jaws, a thick and stinky scent had been ceaselessly released, forming into dense, dark cloud-like airstreams that coiled around the serpent’s body.


The double-horned serpent swiftly moved across the Yellow Mountain Town. Along which, the entire town was shattered into oblivion, almost razed to the ground to the point of being unable to tell that a town had once existed in this place.

While roaring thunderously, the serpent quickly moved towards the Iron City, its roars seemed to shake even the entire sky.

“What the hell?! A level 7 demonic beast?!”

Seeing the double-horned serpent’s silhouette from a great distance, a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist instantly shouted out and activated his Zhen Qi, dashing towards the Iron City.


The serpent fixed its gigantic, shining eyes on that martial artist as it slowly opened its jaws. Meanwhile, a strong stream of beast Qi gathered in its throat. Suddenly, a pure black streak of light spurted out from its mouth, targeting the martial artist.

The distance of ten miles didn’t even seem to have existed. The black light stream strucked the martial artist’s body. In the following moment, he was immediately corroded into a puff of ash, not even leaving a single piece of bone.

The serpent was not satisfied by the death of that martial artist at all. Instead, it let out a few more streaks of black light in a row and punctured the lofty mountain nearby. Gigantic pieces of rock rolled down from the mountaintop and caused a series of earth-shaking noises.

Those demonic beasts had been moving at a terrifyingly high speed. They reached ten miles away from the Iron City within a mere half of one day.

The double-horned serpent raised its upper body which made it looked as tall as a hill like a pillar that had been supporting the sky. The serpent opened its jaws once again and released another streak of black light, which then struck onto the Iron City’s city gate that was around ten miles away from the serpent.

The city wall was destroyed easilyas if it was only a giant piece of Tofu. Numerous people were killed immediately by this black streak of light, including three to four Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists.

Some martial artists recognised the serpent, yelling out in shock and fear, “It’s a level 7 demonic beast!”

“Horned Dragon Serpent!”

“How can this be possible?! Why is a Horned Dragon Serpent even doing here in this area?!”

“We can never stop that thing! Let’s just run away!” Some Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists’ faces had instantly turned deadly pale, and they had already began preparing to run.

On another section of the city wall, Ye Chen’s heart sank. He never thought that a level 7 demonic beast would show up so quickly and so early. He was not confident about defeating this serpent at all, not even if all Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists in this city joined together. After all, you couldn’t possibly meet terrifyingly powerful genius martial artists everywhere like the Mysterious Queen, whose power was far beyond her level when she was a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist. Besides, Ye Chen couldn’t accurately estimate this serpent’s power yet. It might be as powerful as a medium Astral Reaching Realm martial artist. If so, even Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists who was as talented as the Mysterious Queen, wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

“Will I be able to defeat level 7 demonic beast after I step onto the late Clasping Yuan Realm? Thunder Freer said that it will be very difficult. Even if I have reached a big success on the sword intent, I could only run from a level 7 demonic beast, but couldn’t even fight against it.” Ye Chen had neither seen any level 7 demonic beast before nor had fought against a truly powerful martial artist that already stepped onto the Astral Reaching Realm. Therefore, he couldn’t exactly tell how powerful a level 7 demonic beast or an Astral Reaching Realm martial artist could be.