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Chapter 75 - Psychical Outbursts

Chapter 75 Psychical Outbursts

When he entered fetal respiration, Jiang Li felt his all cells were taking a deep big breath, seeming to absorb power from the air.

In the ancient era, Taoism had a method of Pi Gu. The philosophy was that people didn’t eat, so that their cells became starved. In that condition, the cells would automatically absorb the Spirits Chi from Heavens and Earth.

[TL note: (辟谷/Pi Gu) - ( A state of being self-sufficient, i.e eating is redundant)

However, this theory was wrong.

Many people had died from starving in numerous experiments.

It was because their spirit cultivation level was not strong enough, they didn’t understand “Sheng Tai”. They were over-confident and the result? Death.

But Jiang Li was different. Planet Qubo was not Earth.

“I can feel it!”

After thirty minutes in fetal respiration, the cells had breathed to their limits, and then Jiang Li felt the air seemed to have a cool feel to it, and was inhaled slowly by his body.

This airflow didn’t exist in Earth.

Along with the fetal respiration, he felt he was stronger than before, and had a special communication with “Chi” in emptiness.

This “Chi” was like the best nutrient. It penetrated into his skin, bones, muscles, even every corner of his body.

Jiang Li was not the same as before when he entered the fetal respiration in a daze. Now, he really got the feeling one got when about to enter fetal respiration. The fetal respiration was Sheng Tai, the Sheng Tai originated from Taoism, that was spirit cohesion.

After reaching Sheng Tai, the spirit freed itself and travelled beyond the horizon.

Actually, this was the spirit’s most acute power, it began to contact the special powers in the air. Using the spirit to breathe, ingested them from every direction into the body.

All his cells were in a strong peristalsis.

Spirits didn’t interfere with substance and energy wasn’t a substance either. Therefore, ones spirit must be strong to a certain level to interfere with energy.

In this fetal respiration, the cells didn’t consume the potential of life, but absorbed the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth in the air of Qubo planet, constantly giving the nutrition to Jiang Li’s body.

Jiang Li felt with his heart, there were invisible things had made his cells become stronger, the effect was much better than the Solar and Lunar Essence. His body was like a small puddle, now after absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth, had expanded into a small pond.



Jiang Li was able to see a small whirlwind forming around him, this was created by his cells which absorbed Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth.

Instead of having no injury, his life potential had increased after absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth.

After a full 3 hours in fetal respiration, Jiang li woke up and felt his body was full of breath, he didn’t feel hungry at all. His hunger was replaced by an energetic and keen mind.

“The Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth in Qubo Planet really is better than Solar and Lunar Essence.” Jiang Li checked his body carefully and looked at his hands. His body was full of energy, a slightly pinch could crush any solid thing.

He moved his body and had moved more than 20 meters away. He hit strongly at a tree, that tree seemed to be sliced by an electric saw. The result? A big stake with smooth incision.

Then he pointed at the tree and created a big hole in it. The tough wood under his finger was like soft tofu.

“My strength has increased!” Jiang Li sighed, “This planet is really my treasure ground, after a hundred days training in this planet, Jiang Liu? Nothing! 1.5 life force? Easy!”

Currently, his life force was 1.4, it would have been very difficult to increase it at first, but the Spirit Chi of Heavens and Earth was much better than Solar and Lunar Essence. It could sculpt his body, enhance his limits. Surpassing Jiang Liu was an easy task.

His body was stronger, his brain cells had increased. It also helped his spirit, his hypnotism must have increased as well.

To reach Stasis one must have their own understanding. But the index of hypnosis can be increased.

Jiang Li was really looking forward to how he would become after a hundred days.

By the time he went back to Xing Hua City with a life force that was over 1.5, he would be able to hypnotise up to 100 people, or even 200 people? That would create a great stir.

“Jiang Li, go and rest now, I’ll keep watch at night.” Lara said from a distance.

Jiang Li jumped, after a few steps he arrived at their campsite, “It’s okay, I still have energy, you continue to rest.”

“You better rest, we are setting out after dawn to look for other students. We will survive if we gather more students in this jungle. Our medicine will run out soon, we have to ask from someone else.” Lara said.

“This is a good idea.”

Jiang Li pretended to rest, after that he studied the mystery of fetal respiration.

In fetal respiration, his big advantages were absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth, then he can feel better about the breathing of spirits. That kind of communication between Spirit and Spirit Chi of Heavens and Earth was really wonderful.

This also leveled up his spiritual realm.

Next, a difficult journey for three people in the jungle began. But Jiang Li was like a duck on water, absorbing Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth once every day, to saturate his cells, and then exercise.

Lara and Xue Ling could feel there was a something incredible changing in his body every day. Now, Jiang li was like a perpetual motion machine, he didn’t stop shuttling, fighting, and opening a road in jungle.

Sometimes, they met a group of iron armored beast. Jiang Li shocked them to death with a shout.

Jiang Li had a new appearance in front of two girls every day.

After more than 20 days, they finally found some traces of their friends, because there were burned bonfires on the ground, and there were also some scraps which were the products from earth. There was no doubt that they were belonged to their friends.

After more than 20 days of training, Jiang Li’s qualities had massive changes both physically and mentally. His feelings of loneliness and homesickness after first arriving had all disappeared, and were replaced by an “everywhere is home” feeling.

He could even abandon everyone and train forever on this planet.

The taste from absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth was too wonderful, non-stop growth, getting stronger. He got new insights in daily training.

“Jiang Li, our healing drugs and detoxification items are running out. We have to find some students to get these stuff.” Lara took out a repellent, this was a detoxification item, she sprayed it on her swelling arm, immediately the swelling went down.

Just now, she was bit by a poisonous bug.

In these 20 days, they didn’t consume a lot of nutrients but it was different with detoxification items. Because this place was filled up with a lot of poisonous bugs, some of them couldn’t be hypnotized.

Unless Jiang Li had reached “Stasis”, he could directly use his mind to scan and kill those bugs even without seeing them.

All the sentient beings could be hypnotized.

“I’m going to have a small surgery to cure my scars when I get back.” There was a shocking scar on Xue Ling’s calf, it was caused by the venom from a poisonous bug. A large portion of her skin was corroded directly, and fortunately she was cured after spraying the detoxification agent and cell growth agent.

“It’s okay, we will find some students to exchange our medical supplies with.” Jiang Li took out a bottle of Lunar Essence, he hadn’t consumed any nutrients recently, instead he directly absorbed the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth, so he saved a lot of nutrients.

“Let’s start to find them.”

They started to run in the jungle.

“There are some people in front, about fifty three people.”

A few hours later, Jiang Li suddenly stopped, “3 km away from the jungle?”

“You can hear that?” Lara shocked, “Shall we go?”

“I guess so, fifty three people are gathered together, definitely not our Xing Hua City’s students, probably the high school students from big city.” Jiang Li kicked away a stone and rushed into the deeper part of the jungle.

Soon, an open field appeared.

There were fifty or more people scattered on that field. Some were sleeping, some were meditating, and some were training, also some were bathing in the tent.

“There is a sign of movement!!”



More than ten male students heard the movement and started to jump.

At this time, Jiang Li, Lara and Xue Ling walked out from the jungle, Lara said loudly, “Take it easy, we are students from Xing Hua City, which city do you come from?”

“Ah! You are from Xing Hua City.”

“Scatter... scatter.”

“Don’t be nervous.”

“We’re students from Ri Hua City, tsk tsk... Only three of you could survive in the jungle for 27 days, you’ve got great luck.”

“Eh?! These two girls are so pretty.”

“Who is that man, he could live with two pretty girls in the jungle, too good.”

“Ehm? See! That man seemed to be the man who fought with Jiang Liu.”

“It’s really him… ”

The name of Jiang Liu from Sun and Moon Corporation has already spread throughout the student groups, after seeing Jiang Li’s face, their faces immediately changed.

“Xiao Ge, Xiao Ge, someone is coming.”

At this time, some students were calling for their leader.

Every school had their master, such as Ou Yang Xing from Xing Hua High School before, if the were to judge by life experience, these kind of students would become the leader.

A big man came out from the tent, his face didn’t show any hardships and was well maintained. The tent he lived in was a high-tech molecular material. If curled up the sized was only that of a fist, it could spread more than 30 square meters. It was very spacious, breathable, could resist rain and prevent reptiles from going in, very comfortable.

Jiang Li knitted his brows, he felt there were some female students in the tent.

“You’re from Xing Hua High School? Drop out? I’m Feng Chong Xiao from Ri Hua City.” He eyed Lara and Xue Ling then showed a smile, “Do you want to join our group?”

“We want to exchange Lunar Essence with some detoxification drugs.” Jiang Li took out a bottle of Lunar Essence, “In the Qubo planet, we are unable to purchase things with money, so we only can barter.”

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