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Chapter 76 - Under Pressure

Chapter 76 Under Pressure

“Exchange Lunar Essence with detoxification drugs?” Feng Chong Xiao smiled, “Okay, how about we do it this way, one bottle of Lunar Essence will be exchanged for one bottle of detoxification serum?”

“What? This makes no sense at all.” After hearing that, Liana was very angry, “A bottle of detoxification serum only costs 1,000 star coins but a bottle of Lunar Essence costs 100,000 star coins!”

Although the price of Lunar Essence had fallen drastically, however in the black market it cost about 70,000 star coins. If bought it through secret channels in Xing Hua City, it must be 100,000.

After all, people who dared to buy in the black market were only a few. If they had bad luck, they would be killed instead of buying medicines.

“This is our price.” Feng Chong Xiao folded his hands, “It’s up to you, please leave if you don’t want to exchange it. You’re not welcome here. But I have to warn you, the world is dangerous out there, if you don’t have detoxification drugs, I’m afraid you will die because of a bite from poisonous bug.”

“Feng Cheng Xiao, you’re too sly.” Lara spoke coldly, “We’re all students, we came together to this outer planet, if you don’t want to help, at least don’t extort us.”

“Extort? This word is too harsh.” Feng Chong Xiao seemed to eat them up, “Our detoxification drugs are also running out, there are no supplies in this planet. We have already passed twenty days, there’s still a lot of days to go. If I sell to you, what will happen to my men?”

“But the price is too unreasonable.” Jiang Li spoke calmly, “How about this, I increase tenfold, one bottle change with ten bottle detoxification drugs?”

“Now, the price has changed.” Feng Chong Xiao stuck out two fingers, “Two bottles of Lunar Essence exchange for one detoxification drug.”

“You!” Lara raged.

“Why? Because your chatter wastes my time, so I decided to increase my price.” Feng Cheng Xiao didn’t want to give them detoxification drugs at all, “Of course, I’m a gentleman, the two girls can stay with us, I will give the detoxification drugs to them, but you!” He pointed at Jiang Li, “You can leave, you’re not welcome here, you are left to your own defenses.”

“Jiang Li, let’s go.”

Lara and Liana pulled Jiang Li.

“Don’t worry, this matter can still be discussed.” At this moment, a girl appeared from behind Feng Chong Xiao, and smiled, “Feng Cheng Xiao is my boyfriend, please don’t mind his rude words. Here I have a detoxification drug, you don’t have to buy, I’ll give it to you.” She threw it to Lara.

“Thank you…” Lara said.

“Zi Yun, this is none of your business.” Feng Chong Xiao seemed very upset, but didn’t refute this woman.

“You three are left behind, stay with us then.” Zi Yun didn’t care for Feng Chong Xiao, she smiled, “Our power will be greater if more people join us, maybe we’ll rely on you if facing some dangers?”

“Humph!” Feng Cheng Xiao turned to other side.

Lara and Liana started to like Zi Yun. Then Zi Yun started to talk them. After 30 minutes, they had become close friends.

Jiang Li watched them all the time, and meditated at the edge to think about the mystery of Emperor Thunder Seal.

In this way, he stayed a night with those students. Around the campsite was cleaned up before. So he didn’t have to worry about poisonous bug. Sure enough, if they had more people their power would be stronger. Humans are by nature social animals, if gathered together they would have an overwhelming power.

At night, Jiang Li quietly went to the edge of the jungle started to reach fetal respiration. Absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth, his cells began to strengthen, especially his brain cells. His mind was jumping fast, various endocrines were in a perfect and harmonized condition.

Since he began absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, his spirit power was increasing day by day.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t reach “Stasis”.

He could feel a lot of poisonous bugs lurking in the distance, but he couldn't kill them with hypnotism, because these bugs couldn’t hear sound, and can’t feel gestures and gaze. They only used smell to track down their prey.

If he reached “Stasis”, he would able to use his mind to kill those bugs with a thought.

The power of spirit radiated, no substance could block it and neither could the armor.

Therefore, armor was known as invincible, faster than sound, but it will be defeated if against a tertiary hypnotist or super hypnotist.

Unfortunately, armor could be mass-produced, tertiary hypnotists couldn’t.

“Stasis, so difficult…” Jiang had been in fetal respiration for 3 hours, after absorbing enough Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, he took a deep breath, his bones were crackling.

He felt a very strong life force, now if he met Jiang Liu, he would not lose to him.

In fetal respiration, not only was the Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth absorbed, more important was to train his spiritual strength. That would step by step make him experience the mysteries of this great realm in advance in the cultivation process.

Enter Sheng Tai and travel beyond the horizon.

This was fetal respiration.

“Eh? Sign of movement? So fast…” At this time, he heard a lot of people coming towards him, and couldn’t help but be surprised, “It’s late, why are there a lot of people? Is it an enemy attack? The people seemed to come for the Ri Hua City’s students’ campsite. I have to tell Lara and Liana. That Feng Chong Xiao isn’t a good dude and neither is his girlfriend. Mysterious, it seems she had another intention.


Jiang Li jumped fast and arrived at campsite.

“Jiang Li, what happened?” Lara stayed at another tent, and was training with Liana. She saw Jiang Li came back hurriedly, then asked him with some doubts.

“A large number of people are approaching us.”

Jiang Li had just finished talking, many students had also found abnormalities, some of them woke up, some went out, and some got their weapons. Feng Chong Xiao appeared with a smile, “Calm down everybody, they are bosses from Jing Hua City.”

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh…

A group full of 300 students had arrived outside the campsite. They were led by none other than Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.

Two of them seemed to have improved some power. Their appearance and strength were stronger than before. Seemed like these twenty days of training was also a breakthrough for them.

“Master Liu, the person you’re looking for is here.” Feng Cheng Xiao stepped out and reached Jiang Liu. His tone was full of respect, “You told us to look for this guy, so we left him.”

“Good job.”

Jiang Liu nodded his head, he had seen Jiang Li in a glance. He raised his hands up. This group of Jing Hua City students gathered together and then spread to surround the campsite.

“What do you want?” Lara and Liana sensed danger.

“This is none of your business, Master Liu wants to deal with Jiang Li.” He seized a girl, and it was Zi Yun, “Girls, this guy is against Master Liu, he will absolutely not have a good end, so you better keep a distance with him.”

“Jiang Li.” A cold smile appeared on Jiang Liu’s face, “This time, you can’t escape anymore, who told you to participate in this trial and let me have the chance to kill you.”

“Jiang Liu, what do you want?” Jiang Li was surrounded but he stayed calm, “You’re pushing me too far!”

“Pushing you too far?” Jiang Liu laughed, “Who are you? You’re not worth me pushing you! If your father had not held some secrets and my family needed him to go back, you would never be qualified to have my concern!”

“Master Liu, you don’t need to talk any longer to him. You don’t have to use your own hands, I will break his legs and let him drink the nerve toxin, then it will destroy his nerve system and his physical strength will disappeared. After that he is useless.” Yu Mu Hua showed up.

“Yu Mu Hua, I'm not on bad terms with you, why do you assist Jiang Liu in planning my death?” Jiang Li looked at Yu Mu Hua.

Yu Mu Hua was a son of big boss in Jing Hua City, he had a great influence. More importantly, Yu Mu Hua’s strength was very great, almost horrible and could compare to Jiang Liu’s.

“Assist Jiang Liu to kill you?” Yu Mu Hua laughed, “You’re too confident, Master Liu came to Jing Hua City, as a host, it is natural if I want to help him to solve some problems?”

“Master Yu, you or me?” Jiang Liu didn’t act immediately and seemed to tease Jiang Li.

“Actually, this dude is a good real training object.” Yu Mu Hua walked forward, “Let me solve Master Liu’s problem, these days we have exchange our training experiences and have learnt a lot.”

“Yu Mu Hua, you’re the son of big boss in Jing Hua City, you really want to embarrass me?” Jiang Li’s face was drawn. After he went through these days’ training and absorbed Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth. He thought he could match Yu Mu Hua. But at the current situation, he had to face them by himself, even using hypnosis would difficult to defeat them.

Moreover, Jing Hua City at least had more than ten masters with 1.3 or even 1.4 life force. They had entered the third stage in deep sleep, hypnosis didn’t work on them.

The other important point, most of these students were the sons of famous Big Bosses. Especially Yu Mu Hua, his family had a big influence in the city, the Mayor of Xing Hua city also had to bow in front of him. If he harmed any of them, he will face a big trouble when he went back to Earth. Although he wasn’t afraid, however he had to think about his family's safety. He would not kill these people unless he had no choice.

Be patient.

Be patient.

“My strength isn’t enough, I have to be patient.” Jiang Li warned himself, “Wait until I can fully control the situation, these people can’t escape away, I will also uproot their family influences!”


His body flew away like an arrow from the bow to the front of Lara and Liana, he held them in each of his hand, “Let’s go!”

He swirled a big swing from the side, struck out several experts. He wanted to break through the defense.

Bang... bang... bang…

A few students intercepted at the outside of the campsite were stricken away by him, they only saw his slight jump, then he disappeared. A few moves simply made people confused. Jiang Li was faster than those apes.

“Get him!”

Yu Mu Hua’s face was black with rage.

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