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I Came From The Mortal World

Author:XiangJian JangNan

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UpdateTime:2016/5/21 9:38:41

Updates:Chapter 53 – Game Over

Dear Readers!

We are regretful to inform you that we have decided to drop the translation of ‘I Came From the Mortal World’. At the start we hoped that the author would qualitatively improve his work, as it was riddled with inconsistencies and a weird story progression. Sadly, as we’re now 50 chapters in, we’ve yet to see an improve and are afraid that this won’t come. For those of you who have accompanied us through these 53 chapters, we are really grateful. But for now, we regrettably inform you, that chapter 53 will be our final chapter.

In order to optimize your reading experience, we plan to fully utilize our time and energy in more attractive novels. We promise that we, Xianxiaworld, will continue our best efforts to translate more and more reader-friendly novels.

On a final, happier, note, our translator and editor from I Came From the Mortal World will stick together and start the translation of a new novel. We hope to see you all over there and continue to support us! The new novel that will be translated is ‘Beast Piercing The Heavens’.

‘Beast Piercing The Heavens’

Link: http://www.xianxiaworld.net/Beast-Piercing-The-Heavens/
Thank you for your continued support! We really appreciate it!

Synopsis by xianxiaworld:
Our protagonist, Xu Yi, is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, able to live a happy and worriless life. However, he wasn’t able to enjoy this life for long, as the revenge of his family’s enemies quickly caught up to him.The enemies are much more powerful than Xu Yi; therefore, he has no choice but to be obedient. However, forbearance is not always a good policy. The enemies take advantage of his passiveness and bully him even more. These little sparks of anger have finally become an uncontrollable fury in Xu Yi’s heartf, compelling him to seek revenge.

In this immortal world, where power is everything, our protagonist will have no one to count on but himself! Will he overcome all the hardships in front of him, or will this turn out to be an impossible challenge? Follow the story of Xu Yi, as he overcomes the misfortune that his family is caught up in, and fights his way up to become a legendary warrior in ‘I Came From The Mortal World’.

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