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Chapter 189 - The Dangerous Journey Ahead!

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“Bitch! Wait until we return to the sect, I will see if you still dare to be so savage!”

Qiu Heng’s expression was gloomy. As he coldly looked at An Shiyi and Nie Tian walking side by side and smiled from time to time, he felt aggravated all across his abdomen.

At this moment, the Heavenly Gate that appeared in the hollow sky has already disappeared slowly.

The seven sects disciples that returned from Heavenly Gate, at this moment, after Hong Can’s words, had all followed Feng Luo and went towards Blood Sect.

In this place, Qiu Heng was the only one who was still here.

Qiu Heng secretly cursed for a while and raised his head to look towards the dark purplish, surging demonic aura. Suddenly, he had a fearful thought in his mind.

Merely him alone, if he wanted to return to Ling Bao Court safe and sound, that would be unless he did not meet any changes along his way.

Even if he met a demon, with his cultivation level, perhaps it would be difficult for him to run for his life.
Qiu Heng hesitated for quite a while and let out a sigh helplessly. He also suddenly sped up his pace and similarly went towards Blood Sect.

“What is the deal with that dude?” He seems to be holding a grudge towards you.” Nie Tian and An Shiyi, when they were moving forward with Li Fan and the party, asked about it while being a bit suspicious:” Isn’t he the senior of your Ling Bao Court? Logically, he should protect you from all sides. Why is he pushing all the difficult things onto you?”
Nie Tian was naturally not dumb. From the moment he returned from Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and dropped down to the Ancient Teleportation Seal, he had already seen through that Qiu Heng was a bit unkind towards him through his eyes.

After that, he observed carefully and noticed that Qiu Heng has repeatedly sung an opposite tunes with the party. At key moments, he has only wanted to keep his own life.

This time, when everyone was determined to proceed to Blood Sect, Qiu Heng was obviously not willing to go together. However, Qiu Heng did not even say it himself. He only hinted An Shiyi with his eyes.
Qiu Heng’s position being there, his action of ordering An Shiyi around was clearly a bit unmanly.
From what Nie Tian saw, that Qiu Heng was narrow-minded. He feared that he would be difficult to get along with.

“Him?” An Shiyi’s umber black brow knitted slightly. She said softly:” He held the same intention as Gan Kang.”

“Gan Kang!” Nie Tian reacted back abruptly, “So that’s what was going on!”

During the Treasure Review Ceremony, he had already understood Gan Kang’s intention through An Ying and Pan Tao. If it wasn’t because he appeared on time, he feared that Gan Kang would even be aggressive to make An Shiyi surrender.
Since Qiu Heng was like Gan Kang, he would naturally hold a not so good intention towards An Shiyi. This had made Nie Tian understood what’s going on.

He turned his head and looked deeply towards An Shiyi.

An Shiyi who wore a rose colored long skintight dress all across her body had a graceful body. Every single one of her smiles and scowls were full of alluring magic. Her beautiful pupils could possess people and seemingly make any men intoxicated in it.

She who was magnificent and beautiful like a flower that blossomed had made a lot of people desired to pick and collect.

A her like this, with insufficient background and status, being thought day and night by the people, in a place like Ling Bao Court as a matter of fact, was also to be expected.

Nie Tian had long since heard that Ling Bao Court, no matter the pavilion or the sect, there were a lot of people who had dread for her beauty. Those people were still the people who held the high authority.

“After Gan Kang died, another Qiu Heng appeared.” Nie Tian snorted and said:” But Qiu Heng seemed to be inferior to Gan Kang. If he still dared to have his wishful thinking, I will want him to die like Gan Kang!”

“Gan Kang died?” An Shiyi slightly spread her red lips.

She only knew that Gan Kang had abandoned Ling Bao Court and disappeared from Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. She thought that Gan Kang had escaped from Heaven Leaving Domain under the guidance of Lai Yi from the external domains and went to Dark Underworld Domain.

In her heart, so long as Gan Kang was alive, he would be her mortal malady all along.

Especially now.
According to the sayings of those foreign guests, the experts from the other few domains all had undisciplined intentions towards Heaven Leaving Domain, they would definitely take the advantage and intrude it.

Dark Underworld Domain was one of them.

She was always worried, worried that Gan Kang who left from Ling Bao Court, one day he would return to Heaven Leaving Domain carrying the strength of Dark Underworld Domain to pressure her.

Suddenly finding out Gan Kang actually died from Nie Tian’s mouth, she was happy and also surprised. She wanted to confirm it clearly.

Nie Tian nodded lightly and said while lowering his voice:” Someone brought over Gan Kang and Lai Yi’s head to me.”

An Shiyi’s beautiful pupils opened widely. She looked towards him with an extremely shocking expression, “Is it senior Wu?”

“No.” Nie Tian shook his head. He was not willing to talk about anymore things regarding Hua Mu.” In short, you only have to know that that Gan Kang and Lai Yi had died for good.”

“It actually wasn’t senior Wu.” A trace of unusual color flashed through An Shiyi’s beautiful pupils. She suddenly felt that the Nie Tian at this moment had become a bit mysterious and hard to predict.

She noticed that she was becoming increasingly unable to see through Nie Tian. She felt that on Nie Tian’s body, there were a lot of colors of mysteries.

When she knew Nie Tian, she had only treated Nie Tian as a child. Nie Tian at that time was also indeed still young.
However, the Nie Tian now, after going through the polishing in Green Illusion Realm and Heavenly Gate, he who was already taller and sturdier than the people of his age in the first place once again grew by a chunk in terms of his size.

Other than the change to his body, Nie Tian’s mood had also experienced an even more dramatic change.

Compared to in the past, Nie Tian had become more and more confident. His character had also become a lot more steady and firm. Nie Tian who was extremely daring and had a huge leap in his cultivation level, his strength was becoming more and more powerful. He was slowly showing out a firmness and toughness that only a man would have.

For some unknown reason, An Shiyi suddenly felt that Nie Tian was no longer a child but rather, he had turned into a man.

This man has protected her a number of times and stood beside her without any intentions. This had given her a sense of security that she has never had before.

“Sigh, this guy.”

An Shiyi lightly nipped her charming lower lips and started to let her imagination run wild like a little girl.

Also at this moment, the forerunner that went towards Blood Sect suddenly stopped.
Nie Tian, Li Fan and the party also gradually slowed down their footsteps and stopped their pace inside a ravine.

The ravine with shattered stones all over the ground, Feng Luo and Yu Tong from Blood Sect had a heavy expression as they looked at each of the dried up lakes.

Those lakes were scattered across the ravine. Originally inside the lake, it should be filled up with bloody water throughout the whole years in order to supply the disciples from Blood Sect to cultivate.

However, right now, the lake was not only empty, inside the stone towers around the ravine, there also wasn’t any presence of any of the Blood Sect disciples.

Here was already not too far away from the sect of Blood Sect. Under normal circumstances, this place will forever have the sect men of Blood Sect cultivating, with the bloody lake to refine their body and take in the spiritual beast’s blood inside the bloody lake to cultivate the different kinds of forbidden technique of Blood Sect.
“You guys could make it here has made me a bit surprised.” Feng Luo who had stopped earlier on, as he saw Li Fan, Guan Qiu and the party also rushed to this place, he was slightly shocked, “No matter what, you guys are still willing to come to our Blood Sect at a time like this, I Feng Luo will take this favor of yours. If our Blood Sect can survive this catastrophe, even if our sect is not willing to, at the time when your sect runs into troubles, I Feng Luo will also rush there to provide a helping hand.”

“You are welcome.” Li Fan smiled, pretended to be relaxed and said:” We have fought together in Heavenly Gate and killed all of those guys from external domains. From what I see, it doesn’t matter if it's those demons or the new intruders from the external domains, they would not be able to completely invade our Heaven Leaving Domain.

“If only the seven sects work as one, Heaven Leaving Domain will definitely be able to come out unscatched and pass through this huge catastrophe smoothly.”

Feng Luo nodded, his eyebrows were still locked deeply, “I hope so.”

“Blood Sect, they must have been devastated by demons before.” Hong Can from Prison Department also had a deep and serious look. He looked into the direction where the sect of Blood Sect was and said:” I could feel at the sect entrance area of your Blood Sect, the dark purple colored demonic aura was more abundant. It’s just that my cultivation level is still insufficient, I could not detect any demonic odors from the demonic aura.”

“Me too.” Feng Luo let out a sigh and said:” There must be something going on in Blood Sect. However, to what extent it has actually gone up to, I too do not dare to estimate. The era when demons riot in Heaven Leaving Domain was too old from us. We do not have any knowledge towards the demons.”

“Demonic aura was polluting the heaven and earth spiritual energy in Heaven Leaving Domain bit by bit. I can feel it.” Hong Can said while being deeply worried and sick at heart:” Wait until the heaven and spiritual energy from Heaven Leaving Domain gets completely polluted by demonic aura and all become demonic aura that the demons could use to strengthen themselves, the Heaven Leaving Domain by then, perhaps it would be really difficult for it to turn over its body.

“God damn it! The other people from the other few domains, they have obviously known that the demons have appeared in Heaven Leaving Domain, they did not only not lend a hand, they still wholeheartedly wanted to take advantage of us!”
“It is also not the first or second them since they have seeked Heaven Leaving Domain.” Hong Can had a cold face,”I Prison Department have overseen Heaven Leaving Domain for so many years, we have always known of their intentions. Unfortunately, us Heaven Leaving Domain was really not powerful enough, at least not enough for them to obliterate their evil intentions.”


Suddenly, a soft noise came through from the large ground at the bottom of the ravine.

As soon as that noise came through, Feng Luo and Yu Tong looked at each other once and both had weird color showing in their eyes.

Nie Tian’s heartbeat, at the moment when that noise came through, too jolted unusually for a while.