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Hi,Thank you for your support! We are from China. XianXiaWorld have some problems in our work. We need your help! We have a lot of Chinese translation, but our grammar is not good enough, we need a lot of editors. Please join us. At the moment, we need some editors to improve quality.

Below are the requirements we are searching for in new aspiring members.


1,A decent knowledge of Chinese

2,Decent grasp on English

3,Ability to translate an entire chapter or a novel

4,Must pass our translating test

XianxiaWorld Sincerely Recruiting Translators

Still anxious about running a site? Please join XianxiaWorld! We will help you to popularise your work and give you a beneficial platform where your translation can easily be accessed by people from all over the world!

The only things we’ll ask from you are:

1. High Quality Translation

2. A steady pace for updates

Thinking about joining XianxiaWorld? Here are the benefits!

1. Freedom? You can choose long or short term cooperation and you are more than welcome to join us!

2. Donations? That’s all for you and your editor’s hardwork! We’ll make sure that XianxiaWorld won’t even take a single penny from the donations!

3. Site management? You can leave all of that to us and all you need to do is focus on your translation!

4. 20-30 USD for every chapter, or even more!

We don't have much limitations here. You can choose to start a new book or you can join the translation works that we have already started; you can come alone or you can bring your own team.


By introducing longterm translators to XXW, you will receive $50 as a reward once we have formally started to cooperate with the translator.


1,Ability to make translations “flow” and pleasant to read (sentence structure and wording)

2,Native-level/Fluent English standards

3,Meticulous and consistent

4,Able to commit on a regular basis(daily, two-daily)

5,Must pass our editing test

Translation Checker

1,Compares the raw with translations, checks for inconsistencies

2,Able to commit on a regular basis(daily, two-daily)

3,Must pass our editing test

If you would like to contribute to our efforts and join our team,

Email us at [email protected] with the following details:

1,Your name/on-screen name

2,Your age

3,Why you think you’d make a good translator/editor/translation checker

4,Periods of availability(how much time spent on editing)

5,Please write the subject as Recruitment Application

6,Looking forward to seeing your applications! Have a blessed day~!

Xianxiaworld over and out.